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Ford Wreckers Melbourne

Aussies have been using and enjoying the perks of owning Ford trucks and other types of vehicles as early as the year 1925. First-time drivers, families, young professionals, car enthusiasts, business owners, and truckers of all ages all love their wide range of compact and sports cars, SUVs, sedans, trucks, and even eco-friendly vehicles. Why? Because this US carmaker truly didn’t disappoint when they promised to provide cars that are powerful, updated with the latest technology, and fuel efficient.

But no matter how reliable your Ford vehicle is over the years, unfortunately, there will still be a time when you would have to say goodbye to your beloved ride. It may be because of old age, overuse, natural disaster, or an accident; and despite how hard you love and take care of it, you just have to let it go. That’s where Advance Truck Wreckers can help. We are here to make that goodbye a less painful one for you. By choosing to work with us and understanding what we really do to old and wrecked vehicles, you’ll easily realise that this is the best for you and your end-of-life vehicle; that you are sending it off to fulfill a greater purpose.



Some people might think that the truck wrecking yards near their area will only accept specific brands and kinds of cars; most especially the Japanese cars which are among the top-selling vehicles in the country. And so, if they are searching for reputable and competent truck wreckers whom they can entrust their once loved vehicles to, they might get the idea that it’s too difficult. As Melbourne’s leading used truck buyers and wreckers, Advance Truck Wreckers is here to tell you that it shouldn’t be the case. If they are real experts in the business, they should be able to remove, accept, and wreck all kinds of trucks, including Ford trucks.


And so we say, you shouldn’t look any further. Go with Advance Truck Wreckers. If you only want the real experts in this business to take and send your old truck into its rightful place, then work with our team of professionals. They have had over 20 years of experience in wrecking vehicles like the Ford Raptor, Mustang GT, Escort, Ranger, Expedition, and more.



If your Ford commercial vehicle is now unfortunately tired, damaged, or simply not running anymore because of overwork, you have no other choice but to dispose it or else it’ll become a liability to your business. You just have to take refuge in the fact that your Ford Transit or Ford Ranger has served you and your company well, after all those years. But even with this unfortunate circumstance, that doesn’t mean you are on the losing side. Advance Truck Wreckers is here to show you why First, giving it up isn’t a loss for your business. Actually, it’s the other way around. By letting it go, you are saving your trade from more overhead and other expenses. You are putting a stop to delayed deliveries and disappointed clients.

And, your business operations need not rely on a vehicle that’s broken most of the time. And second, you’ll get an opportunity to earn a little extra maybe as additional capital or fund for your new truck. That’s what we can promise you as leaders in the field. Because our truck wreckers have dealt with Ford commercial vehicles for two decades, you are assured that they know how these are really valued. You can get the highest offer from our team of experts, as compared to other truck wrecking companies.