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Truck Wreckers St. Kilda East

Apart from being noted for having a huge Hasidic Jewish community, many say that this inner Melbourne suburb is the exact opposite of St. Kilda. Even if it’s such a diverse and densely populated town, it isn’t as busy, lively, and urbanised as St. Kilda. So if you are the type of person who simply loves peace and quiet, who’s into art, and passionate about your religion, then St. Kilda East is definitely the place for you. Folks here love it because you can reach the vital spots and commercial centres in just a few minutes by foot. Everything is of reach – the beach, nature park, playground, retail stores, schools, and restaurants.

But if there’s one thing that St. Kilda East shares with St. Kilda, that would be its top industries. People in St. Kilda East are also in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services AND Healthcare and Social Assistance industries. The top 3 industry sector though would be Education and Training.


Because of the humble and frugal lifestyles of the people here in St. Kilda East, it wouldn’t really be much of a surprise if they choose to use and keep their commercial vehicles until their very last breath. Good thing, even if old and rusted trucks, utes, or vans maybe harder to sell, there are reliable truck wreckers St. Kilda East companies around – like Advance Truck Wreckers. That even if your business vehicle or company car is more than 10 years old and not really that roadworthy anymore, our team of expert St. Kilda East truck wreckers still think they are of some value. Yes, you’ve heard us right. You’d still get top cash for your trucks regardless of their age or condition. That is, if you choose Advance Truck Wreckers. So call us now at !