Hino Truck Wreckers


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Hino Truck Wreckers

Known as the country’s oldest truck and bus provider, Hino vehicles have been seen in Australian soil ever since 1965. Their company has been continually making efforts to make all their trucks easy-to-maintain and more durable than ever. They are even the first company to produce a hybrid commercial vehicle. Because of their safe and efficient trucks, many kinds of businesses continue to invest in the Hino brand. May it be in construction, retail, consumer goods manufacturing, or shipping; all of them prefer to rely on Hino trucks.


Because you know your Hino truck is super durable and reliable, your business relies on it 7 days a week. Your crew would of course have their rest days, but your truck works constantly in order to help keep your trade going. Because of this, you are sadly cutting short the maximum life of your vehicle. Many business owners seem to commit this mistake. And unfortunately, they only realise this when that Hino truck has finally given up and come to the end of its working life.

When you are caught up in this predicament, Advance Truck Wreckers is here to help you and your business out. When it seems that you are crippled by having a Hino truck that doesn’t work anymore, know that it can not be the end yet. You just have to carefully select the people (or companies) that could help you. And proudly, Advance Truck Wreckers could be that one. We provide top cash for trucks. We are Melbourne’s leading truck buyers who can take that old Hino truck off your premise



Should your Hino truck caused numerous failed deliveries, spoiled goods, and disappointed clients, there is absolutely no reason for you to keep it around any longer. Let our team of expert truck removalists and truck wreckers take it from your hands. Allow us to free you from that liability.

As we know the headaches and stress that old, unwanted Hino truck or wrecked truck might have caused you, we won’t even let you pay us for removing that big old vehicle. Even if you know how big of a hassle it is, we will gladly remove it for you, without expecting anything from you in return. We could help you get back on your feet by providing you on-the-spot cash. Why? Simply because you have chosen us to assist you with your truck removal needs. Rest assured that you are getting yourself into a great deal as you are working with one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and truck wreckers.

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