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Truck Wreckers Melbourne Inner City

This is more commonly known as the CBD, The City, or the Melbourne City Centre. It is considered a major financial hub and the most urbanised area in Victoria. And because of that, it’s safe to say that it is among Australia’s top destinations and go-to places to date. Even if other suburbs may compete in terms of nature and greenery, the skyline and scenery in Melbourne’s City Centre simply won’t disappoint. It is home to 5 out of the 6 tallest buildings in the whole of Australia. Both tourists and locals head to Eureka Tower’s observation deck where they could simply be in in awe of the skyline and all the magnificent structures in the City. It has the perfect mix: the old and the new; small and big; simple and extravagant. Whatever you need and want is simply here.

It’s a known fact that this place is the core of Victoria’s economy. About half of the jobs in Victoria are located in the CBD. Today, skilled services and smaller establishments dominate the employment landscape. According to the City of Melbourne’s statistics, the three major industry sectors are: (1) Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, (2) Financial and Insurance Services, and (3) Accommodation and Food Services.


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