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Truck Wreckers Chadstone

If you’re coming from Melbourne’s City Centre, you can easily reach the small suburb of Chadstone in just 25 minutes. There are lots of transportation options you can choose from apart from taking your own car. You can get to Chadstone also by bus, train, cab, or even a free tourist shuttle bus service. Even if has only more or less 8,000 people living in it, the suburb itself simply won’t disappoint because Chadstone in one word is entertainment. Many say that it’s not possible to leave this suburb without getting entertained. It is a Fashion and Retail Therapy hub. It provides one of the best dining experiences in the area. And it even has a number of high-end cinemas. As a matter of fact, visitors more often look forward to extending their stays here just so they could really maximise their shopping and dining experience. No wonder, has ranked Chadstone as the 39th best suburb to live in the Greater Melbourne area.

Because of this, their Retail Trade industry sector continues to hold onto its spot for many consecutive years. Businesses here are into accommodation, food manufacturing and service, apparel production and retail, electronic goods, and a lot more. Now without durable and economic commercial vehicles, these companies simply wouldn’t exist. Even if you’re an SME buy-and-sell business owner, a van, cab, or ute, is just really helpful, right? But if that commercial vehicle of yours is no longer as reliable, fuel-efficient, and roadworthy, would you still call it an asset? Of course not.


Advance Truck Wreckers is here to protect you and your business from the headaches and troubles of keeping a liability – that old and damaged truck. We are among the well-established and reputable truck wreckers Chadstone has had for many years. So if you’re now thinking of disposing a van, ute, or even a heavy-duty truck that has also served your business well, give it a proper send-off by entrusting it to our team of Chadstone truck wreckers. We will make sure that at their end-of-life, they’d still be of better use to the environment, the community, and even the automotive industry. And the best part is, you’ll not only get rid of an old truck easily but you’ll also get additional income just by handing it over to our Chadstone truck wreckers. Yes, that’s right! We will not charge any service fees instead, you will earn from it. So schedule a pickup now to take advantage of our services!