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Truck Wreckers Fitzroy

Just 2 kilometres away from the Melbourne Central Business District, Fitzroy can easily be reached either by tram, passenger car, and even by foot. And because of that, many are more enticed to visit this suburb as Melbourne’s bohemian and artistic hub. It is dotted with a selection of multicultural and unique cafes and restaurants. Many local and international tourists visit Fitzroy’s Johnson Street where the Spanish heritage is still much seen and felt. It has a great mix of art galleries, studios, bookshops, pop-up restos, tapas bars, vintage shops, and more. In a nutshell, if you’re one who constantly wants to feed your passion and celebrate life, come to Fitzroy and you’ll surely won’t regret it. Indeed it’s one of the biggest reasons why this ‘burb is Melbourne’s smallest yet most densely populated suburban area.

A big chunk of the Fitzroy population are in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical services. But because it is one of the places in the city to become a municipality, many factories and industrial sites have grown around the suburb. However, if we’re going to talk about the commercial sector in this suburb, businesses in the Accommodation, Food Services, Arts, and Retail Trade are definitely more successful.


If you have a truck, van, cab, or even a heavy-duty truck that’s already been serving your trade for 6 to 10 years already, maybe it’s just about time that you give it a well-deserved rest. Plus, even if you don’t really notice it, that truck is causing your more liabilities year after year. So work with reputable truck wreckers Fitzroy has been trusting for many decades. Choose Advance Truck Wreckers. Entrust your rusty old clunker to our crew of Fitzroy truck wreckers who have been in the auto recycling industry for more than 20 years. We are experts in dealing with all brands, sizes, and conditions of commercial vehicles. And with that, we are able to guarantee that your once useful and economical trucks will be used for a much greater purpose. Grab your phones and schedule your free truck removal services now!