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Truck Wreckers Campbellfield

Found 16 kilometres north of the Central Business District is this quaint Melbourne suburb with a population of only 5,000. It’s 12.4-square kilometre vicinity has a well-established residential area with various business parks and industrial areas around the suburb. The residents that have lived here for long have indeed seen their investments grow along with their families. They take pride that their town has beautiful parks, plenty recreational areas, accessible public transport systems, and many shops that are open 24-hours a day.

Technically, because of Campbellfield’s low costs of living and close connection to major roads and thoroughfares, many investors and business owners choose to start and grow here. Hence its largest industry sector is Manufacturing. The other thriving industries include Construction, Wholesale Trade, and Transport and Warehousing.


Are you a Campbellfield business owner who needs help from a reputable truck wreckers Campbellfield company? While it’s true your manufacturing, wholesale trade, and construction business simply won’t survive without your trucks, you must know that there is a right time for you to let it go. Understand that once they’re aged, overused, damaged, and mechanically dead, you have no ‘smart’ reason to keep it; because they’re simply liabilities. So what you should do when you’re in this predicament? Call up the Campbellfield truck wreckers and recyclers from Advance Truck Wreckers. It’s not completely over for these trucks yet. We can definitely help you make these machines useful again. We have all the know-how, experience, manpower, tools, machinery, and towing vehicles to make sure your old clunkers are put into better use and in their proper places. So what are you waiting for, speak with our friendly and accommodating team now!