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Truck Wreckers Preston

Part of the Darebin City Municipality is the suburb of Preston which situated only 9 kilometres away from the Central Business District. Because their area is mostly consisted of flat terrains, it is not only ideal for residential development but for farming and industrial developments as well. It is truly loved for being a business- and family-friendly community. The folks here are happy, proud, and contented for a number of reasons: it is serviced by many kinds of public transportation systems; it is home to many reputable schools; the shops, malls and supermarkets in the area provide everything they need and want; and the variety of dining options is just endless. Simply put, kids, singles, professionals, elders, and even businessmen would love not only to visit Preston, but to stay here as well.

Furthermore, Preston is also known for its creativity – creativity in music, arts, crafts, food, and more. They currently have a booming music and arts scene. They hold regular events, concerts, and festivals. And the crowd favorite? Eating out here is also becoming more popular than ever. No wonder that manufacturing is one of their leading industries. Many businesses here make furniture, construction materials, food products, packaging, and many others.


No matter how smart, responsible, and creative you are in making sure that your commercial vehicle lasts really long, you simply can’t deny the fact that “that day” when it’s overworked, aged, and wrecked will still come. So when you in that predicament now, don’t worry because Advance Truck Wreckers is here to be your business partners. We are one of the most reliable and reputable truck wreckers Preston has had for many years now. And believe us, you wouldn’t want to bear all the troubles, headaches, and expenses of keeping that old rig. Should you want to really make the most out of your old truck, trust our team of Preston truck wreckers. They will make sure your beloved commercial vehicle is put into better use.