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Truck Wreckers Bayswater

This little suburb of Melbourne is situated 29 kilometres east of the Central Business District. But regardless of its smaller land area, it seems that many people love not only to visit, but also to stay here permanently. As of last year’s census, it has more or less a population of 12,000. The folks of Bayswater simply love the fact that they are away from the hustle and bustle of The City. So, if you are one of those, come here and see for yourself. Though it isn’t as complete as the other surrounding suburbs and cities, everything that the people need is within their reach. The parks, schools, supermarkets, and train stations, are in close proximity.

In addition, many people in Bayswater tend to be more on the technical and mechanical stuff. The major industries that thrive here are construction, construction materials manufacturing, machinery, and fabrication. So don’t be surprised to see some heavy- and medium-duty trucks driving around and across town. No matter how hard you take care of that durable and big old truck of yours, you can’t deny the fact that someday, they’re gonna wear out and give up on you. And when that day comes, Advance Truck Wreckers is here for you.


We are your trusted truck wreckers Bayswater

We are among the few reputable truck wreckers Bayswater has had for many decades now. And proudly, we have been helping businesses and companies such as yours that are having a hard time disposing those old, damaged, rusted, and dead trucks. We specialise in cash for trucks and sell my truck services.

Don’t worry as our knowledgeable and experienced Bayswater truck wreckers will make sure that they’ll be in a much better place instead of just rotting in some empty lot or warehouse. To know more, simply speak with our friendly and eager staff – dial 03 7023 1497 now!