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Truck Wreckers Hastings

Considered as one of the cleanest Victoria suburbs is this urban enclave located on the Mornington Peninsula. Hastings is a clean, green, and attractive Melbourne suburb that has more or less 7,000 people living in it. Its extensive foreshore area boasts of wide and grassy open spaces as well as modern and complete commercial amenities. Simply put, if you want to live in a place with the best of both urban and rural worlds, Hastings is one that should be among your top choices. They currently have 3 major supermarkets (one of which is KMart) and there are several shopping complexes and specialty shops. They honestly don’t have to go to Frankston or any other town just to get what they need and want..

Most of the people in Hastings are in the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector, hence it’s the biggest thriving industry in this suburb for many consecutive years. Moreover, the Retail Trade and Construction industries are the next top industry sectors – making it a rather clearer explanation why both the residential and commercial areas continue to bloom in Hastings.


When it comes to keeping their beloved town green, lovely, and attractive, all the folks in Hastings give their fair share of efforts; and that includes even the businesses that thrive here. In addition to recycling and their other eco-friendly operating practices, they also work with truck wreckers Hastings companies like Advance Truck Wreckers. So when the time comes when their once efficient and roadworthy trucks are no longer as useful, durable, and economical, they won’t suffer much from keeping such a liability.

So do you need the help of reliable Hastings truck wreckers? Look no further and choose Advance Truck Wreckers. Apart from helping your company dispose of a liability, we will also make sure that this won’t negatively impact Hastings’ clean and green environment. And the best part is, you won’t only take advantage of a fast and easy truck removal service, but most importantly, you’ll get the most of that investment because our team of well-experienced Hastings truck wreckers will provide you top cash for your trucks, on the spot. So enquire and schedule a truck pickup now!