If there is one particular car or truck part that you are most in contact with, it’s not the engine, it’s actually your steering wheel, right? If your hands are (hopefully) on it all the time, just imagine how much dirt, grease, bacteria, and sweat is collected there every single time. Sadly, because we rarely notice it, we spend most of time just washing and waxing our car’s body, wiping and detailing the dashboard, or vacuuming the car seats. Little do we know that the longer we choose to neglect it, the steering wheel will become more rough, brittle, and let alone filthier than ever. Thus, we cannot stress more that the main star in our cockpit, the steering wheel, should also be provided with that extra TLC.

Advance Truck Wreckers is a leading instant cash for trucks company in Melbourne. And for the two decades that we have been providing quality old & junk car and truck removal services, we have also mastered recovering, refurbishing, and reselling used auto parts – the steering wheel is just one of them. Now with our expertise in the field, we ought to help you how you could easily keep your steering wheel nice and clean for a longer period of time. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare everything you need. In order to finish quicker, it’s always best to have all the products and tools you’ll be using within reach. Get a good microfiber cleaning cloth (most DIYers also suggest using dryer sheets in absence of this). You will also need a leather & upholstery cleaner, a little water, small brush, leather conditioner, another clean soft cloth or towel.
  2. Remove all the dirt, dust, and grime from the surface using a good microfiber cloth and cleaner. Make sure to spray the cleaner on the cloth and not on the wheel, as you might put over sprays in other parts of your dashboard. Apply light to medium pressure while carefully rubbing, until a lather is created. Wipe off all excess lather and then you may use a small brush to rinse it off with an ample amount of water.
  3. Using the other soft cloth, dry all the parts of the steering wheel and make sure you haven’t left any residue of the cleaner on it. Wipe it carefully until you see it dry and nothing is left. If you have a steam cleaner, you may also use it during this stage to ensure your steering wheel is free from any bacteria. Then, proceed to the next step.
  4. In order to maintain your steering wheel’s softness, flexibility, and reliability, you have to condition the leather material/covering. The best way to apply a leather conditioner is by not using any tool. Use your bare hands and fingers to gently massage all the curves and crevices of your steering wheel. Allow it to be fully absorbed by the steering wheel by leaving and not touching it for at least 30 minutes. After that, you may check to see if there’s no residue. If you want to be super sure, you may use another towel to rub, dry, and wipe it for the last time.

As an added advice, to prevent your steering wheel from cracking, chapping, and peeling, wipe it clean at least every other day (considering if you use your car everyday). To save you from all the need materials for this regular maintenance tip, you may also opt to buy those pre-packed quick wipes for car interiors. That’ll only take you about a minute or so to do, but it’ll most definitely pay off when you see your steering wheel still at its best shape after 5 years and more.

Do you regret not having your trucks interiors and exteriors well-maintained during its useful life? Well, crying over spilled milk isn’t gonna do you any good now. But rather, think of what you can do to not waste that vehicle you have invested in a long time ago. Consider getting a free truck removal service from us, Advance Truck Wreckers. We are reputable for paying our clients with top cash for truck. But more importantly, we make sure that your once loved ride will be put into better use.