Driving or not driving, maintaining the correct posture should never be questioned. Because it concerns our spine, it greatly affects our health. With that being said, no one will ever contest that driving for long hours in heavy traffic or going on road trips across the country is painful, let alone tiring. Being seated in the same position for a very long period of time is just too uncomfortable. Specially for truck drivers who are really tasked to drive for longer period of time.

Your actual driving position, not just your posture, greatly impacts your comfort, health, and safety as well. No matter how near or far your destination is, keeping the right and proper driving position is very important, because:

  • It’ll cause you neck and back pains; if it isn’t corrected or treated in time, it may become a chronic disorder
  • It’ll cause musculoskeletal disorders
  • If you are too comfortable in your position, you might feel sleepy
  • Slouching could affect the scope of your view or line of sight
  • It can greatly affect your focus and alertness

Having witnessed all kinds of cars that have been through unfortunate incidents and disasters on the road for over two decades, we, Advance Truck Wreckers  is here to help you how you could maintain the proper driving position:

  1. Buy or drive a car or truck that is suitable for your size. If you’re more than 6 feet tall, there’s no way you can be comfortable in driving a Supermini or any compact car.
  2. Now, position your driver’s seat. Push it all the way back – the farthest you can go from the steering wheel, but not too far that you’re straining yourself to reach it. Then recline the seat to about 30-40 degrees. Your back should not be too straight and not too slouched.
  3. Adjust your seat height. Put it high enough as if your hips are of the same level as your knees. Make sure that your view is enough even if your back is against the driver’s seat. Your head shouldn’t have to bend down or reach far up just to have a clear driving view.
  4. You may use a cushion for extra comfort and back support.
  5. Don’t let the back of your knees touch the driver’s seat. There should be at least a two finger gap in between the back of your legs and the seat.
  6. As your feet press the pedal against the floor, your knees shouldn’t be completely straight. They have to be slightly bent, with about a 20-30 degree angle
  7. The back of your driver’s seat should reach the height of your shoulders. And the headrest should allow you to maintain a neutral head position.
  8. When using your seat belt, make sure that the lower band/belt is across your pelvis, and not your stomach.
  9. When driving always maintain the 2 o’clock position of your arms. They should have a slight bend (around 120 degrees), so you won’t strain your arms while moving the wheel.
  10. It may look cool, but it is never advisable to drive while holding the steering wheel on top with only one hand. Grip the wheel using your fingers and fingertips, not too tight though so your hands won’t be too stressed and fatigued.
  11. Do some stretches when you do stopovers in the middle of long road trips.

It is sometimes challenging to maintain the proper driving position especially if you have already developed a habit on how you sit and position yourself while you are on the road. However, it wouldn’t hurt if every now and then you’d be more conscious about your posture and position. Trying and putting some effort in changing your ‘bad position habits’ is better than totally neglecting this. Practicing the proper driving position would make you comfortable and healthier.

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